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Dividend Health collects in-bound calls from a variety of sources, qualifies each caller and transfers callers to the appropriate enrollment center. Some of our call centers operate 24/7 ensuring each caller’s questions are answered in a timely manner.

Dividend Health aggregates quality and competitive benefits so our clients can focus on what they do best. We provide sales and marketing expertise enabling a pleasant process for our members during enrollment and verification processes. Membership management is in our DNA as we offer customer service which is second to none while we provide real time, shared access to necessary information with our business partners.

Compliance Management

Dividend Health provides regulatory consultation to our enrollment centers ensuring that all regulations are followed and products are delivered in an ethical manner. Dividend Health ensures all enrollment specialists are licensed and appointed properly adding a layer of regulatory and consumer protection within all of our programs. Records are maintained precisely to guarantee all licenses are kept up to date and readily accessible. Recurring training sessions are sponsored and conducted guaranteeing that only the most accurate information regarding our plans is shared with callers.

Health Insurance Enrollment

Dividend Health takes a great deal of pride in knowing that our enrollment center partners maintain highly trained, experienced and ethical insurance agents. We combine product, compliance and sales training to ensure that our agents understand the products they represent and how to best offer them to incoming callers. Our agents are equipped with competitive health insurance offerings and a healthy variety of supplemental products enabling consumers to add what they need in order to best protect their family. All enrollments are verified by an independent team of licensed agents to make sure each new member understands exactly what they are getting for their money. Conservation is an important part of any insurance program. Dividend Health works very hard to renew members into their existing or a new plan with the goal in mind of maintaining or improving the coverage best suited for our members.

In-bound Lead Management

Acquiring quality leads is vitally important to Dividend Health’s overall mission. Making sure we have strong relationships with best-in-class media companies helps to ensure our programs will be managed efficiently while maximizing sales volumes. Leads are acquired from a variety of inbound sources and are essentially qualified and categorized to maximize ROI and member satisfaction. Once qualified, callers are live transferred to experienced caring insurance agents interested in carefully fitting each caller with one of our healthcare solutions.

Development Services

Dividend Health has partnered with MedIngenuity to provide the following services:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • Advertising
  • Practice Development

MedIngenuity has helped specialty physician groups, ambulatory surgery centers and healthcare consultants from all over the nation increase their visibility on the Internet to their target audiences.

For specialists trying to communicate to referral sources and do direct-to-consumer communications, Medingenuity brings 30 years of expertise to understanding how best to reach these audiences with Internet sites, email marketing, educational print communications, journals, magazines, e-magazines, print ad campaigns, direct-mail campaigns, radio advertising, TV advertising and many other creative communication channels.

MedIngenuity specializes in Business Development for Healthcare. We handle all the stages of branding and communication from new company start up to expanding the visibility of established practices and healthcare businesses.

We help each medical business develop an exit strategy to enable principals to position their business for sale, acquisition or merger as a retirement strategy.

For start ups, Medingenuity does name and trademark research to prevent expensive name conflicts; we then develop new names for healthcare businesses that are memorable and cut through the clutter. We handle all aspects of corporate identity for healthcare, from logos and wordmarks, to letterhead, business cards, e-magazine, e-mail marketing and creating content rich websites that score in the top 10 on Google for organic search.

Medingenuity was created by Prizm Development, Inc., the most experienced developer of spine Centers of Excellence. For 20 years, Prizm has worked in 48 of the 50 states helping physician groups and hospitals improve the way they care for back and neck pain with a non-surgical emphasis. Click here to learn more.


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