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Supplemental Benefits

Dividend Health, Health Insurance Enrollment Texas, Health Compliance Management Southlake TX, short term major medical insurance Southlake, Critical Illness Insurance Southlake TexasLimited Benefit Accident, Sickness & Hospital Plans

Limited Benefit plans offer guaranteed acceptance for those that do not have adequate health insurance. Plans offer fixed indemnity benefits that help pay costs for covered services; no deductibles or co-pays. These plans are an ideal supplement for those who have health insurance with high deductibles or high out-of-pocket expenses. Plan features typically include daily hospital indemnity benefits up to $1,000. Surgery, anesthesia, Diagnostic Lab & X-ray, Preventive Care, Emergency Room Sickness, and Ambulance benefits are also standard inclusions. Typically, insured’s can visit any doctor, although they receive additional savings when staying within a designated PPO.

Term Life and AD&D

Term Life provides protection for one’s family in the event of unexpected loss of life. A lump sum benefit will be paid to cover costs and provide beneficiaries financial comfort in the time of need. Our Term Life plans are guaranteed issue for members ages 18 through 64 with coverage up to age 70. AD&D coverage is 24/7 with $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000 maximum Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance is a form of supplemental health insurance that provides lump sum cash benefits should you be diagnosed with a covered critical illness. Critical Illnesses are generally serious events, but survival rates have been steadily increasing. However, some critical illnesses become chronic, persisting over a longer period of time. Throughout America there is a growing concern over the additional costs associated with critical illnesses beyond those covered by health insurance, with survivors and their families being left to deal with the financial consequences. With advances in treating critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, and strokes, life expectancy has dramatically increased. However, the excitement of survival is soon replaced by the financial and physical demands on the family associated with survival and recovery.

Generic Prescription Insurance

Dividend Health, Health Insurance Enrollment Texas, Health Compliance Management Southlake TX, short term major medical insurance Southlake, Critical Illness Insurance Southlake TexasPharmacy costs continue to lead healthcare expenditures with double digit average annual increases. Americans are using more prescription drugs to prevent and manage health conditions than ever before, and prescription drugs are more expensive than ever before. The amount we spend on drugs increases nearly 20 percent every year and is one of the main reasons the cost of health care is increasing. When prescribed a drug by a physician one needs to ask for the less expensive generic equivalent. One reason brand-name drugs are so much more expensive is that drug companies spend more than twice as much on marketing and advertising these drugs as on research and development. A generic drug is a version of a brand drug. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), compared to the brand drug, a generic drug is chemically the same, works the same in the body, is just as safe and effective, meets the same standards set by the FDA, and often costs much less.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can help cover the cost of exams and procedures, while promoting more frequent visits, ultimately keeping individuals healthier. Regular dental checkups can help with the early detection of serious medical conditions and improve overall health. Most dental insurance plans include preventive care such as routine oral exams, cleanings, fluoride treatment; diagnostic care such as X-rays; basic care such as simple extractions, pin retention, fillings, denture repairs and adjustments; major care such as endodontic treatments, periodontal services, inlays, on-lays and crowns, dentures and bridges, and oral surgery.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is generally a supplemental insurance to other types of medical insurance policies and can offset the costs of routine checkups as well as help pay for vision correction wear prescribed by a physician. Getting an eye exam is not just about finding out whether one needs glasses. An eye exam can detect eye health problems like glaucoma or cataracts, but it can also help identify early signs of diseases that impact the entire body - high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.


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