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Dividend Health maintains long term mutually beneficial and strategic relationships with best-in-class media companies who specialize in developing health and life insurance buyers. Dividend Health is uniquely positioned to efficiently maximize exclusive lead generation, pre-qualification, transfer and enrollments of TV, radio, internet and mobile in-bound callers.


The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA) brings about an exciting time in healthcare for those organizations who decide to embrace change and have the expertise & experience to offer competitive products and services which are approved or exempt under the PPACA law. Dividend Health brings consumers all of the above with the mission in mind to deliver sensible, out-of-the-box solutions while maximizing savings and care. Dividend Health partners with insurance carriers and program managers who offer the most innovative and competitive products. It is important that our members not only receive the best deal in the marketplace, but also exemplary service.


Finding the right enrollment centers is one of the key elements to our program. Dividend Health goes through pain staking levels of due diligence and effort to ensure that our enrollment center partners welcome our callers in an honest and caring manner. Our first priority is to ensure that the customer has a positive experience which enables them to make an informed decision best for his or her family. Each of our enrollment center partners understand that they will be held to the strictest compliance standards and will undergo continuous quality assurance monitoring and improvement processes.



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