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Inbound Lead Management & Enrollment

Dividend Health has focused a large portion of its efforts and resources on inbound lead development for several reasons including regulatory, compliance and efficiency purposes. Quality leads are not easy to come by but they are essential to all health insurance agencies. Dividend Health works hard to establish and maintain best-in-class media partners to ensure its programs and clients have a consistent supply of precise inbound leads. Dividend Health acquires leads through a variety of direct response channels including DRTV, radio, internet and mobile. Each caller is managed efficiently and in an ethical manner ensuring that they are precisely offered the products they are looking for.

Through our pre-qualification process and after understanding each callers needs they are live transferred to an enrollment center which offers programs and plans meeting his or her needs. Dividend Health works with a variety of enrollment centers ensuring that callers will be handled efficiently, understanding their time is valuable.

All aspects of the enrollment process are recorded and monitored for quality assurance and improvement. Enrollments are performed over the phone upon a secure electronic platform ensuring consumer and privacy protections are in place. Each enrollment is verified by a third party providing additional peace of mind. Sophisticated call tracking systems are in place helping to establish analytics, enabling ROI improvement and maximization.

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