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Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care, AKA the middle class version of “Concierge Medicine” is evolving into a form where the average American can afford having their own personal doctor available as needed to optimize their personalized healthcare requirements. Direct Primary Care is a low cost subscription model which provides the best access to one’s primary care doctor while allowing the doctor to trim overhead and see fewer patients. Dividend Health offers plans which couple high deductible health plans, with an HSA and a primary care physician membership to provide a comprehensive solution for one’s healthcare needs.

Dividend Health provides a unique offering during the enrollment process by providing low cost, high touch direct primary care packages to callers who can benefit from having personalized doctor visits included with their health plan. Patients who choose a direct primary care plan have an opportunity to develop a long term relationship with their doctor improving their future overall prospect of health.

Dividend Health prides itself as being the only direct primary care program which brings patients to doctors while reducing the administrative burden associated with patient billing and third party collections. We pay physicians on a monthly basis and deliver new direct primary care patients allowing physician practices a smooth transition from traditional to a direct primary care model at their own pace.

Direct Primary Care programs are approved under the ACA when coupled with appropriate high deductible plans. Dividend Health offers direct primary care plans outside the exchange meeting the minimum essential benefits required under the ACA. Dividend Health delivers a complete package of benefits to our customers and a new patient to our physician partners.

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