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Dividend Health focuses entirely on making a positive impact in today’s rapidly changing health insurance marketplace.

It is clear that there has been new and voluminous healthcare legislation enacted, however because of its extraordinary size and complexity understanding the affect on employers, families and individuals has proven to be challenging.

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  Health Insurance

When it comes to health insurance in America, one size does not fit all. Healthcare professionals need to be extremely creative if they want to appeal to discriminating individuals and families when offering affordable health coverage. Dividend Health offers affordable health insurance plans in a variety of formats designed to appeal to cost conscious buyers who demand quality and may not benefit from shopping in the federal and state run health exchange marketplace.

  Lead Management & Enrollment

Dividend Health has focused a large portion of its efforts and resources on inbound lead development for several reasons including regulatory, compliance and efficiency purposes. Quality leads are not easy to come by but they are essential to all health insurance agencies. Dividend Health works hard to establish and maintain best-in-class media partners to ensure its programs and clients have a consistent supply of precise inbound leads.

  Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is evolving into a form where the average American can afford having their own personal doctor available as needed to optimize their personalized healthcare requirements. Direct Primary Care is a low cost subscription model which provides the best access to one’s primary care doctor while allowing the doctor to trim overhead and see fewer patients.

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